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Welcome to ABC Marine

Aluminium Boatbuilding Company Ltd. is an established company in the commercial aluminium boat business, with over 20 years experience building aluminium work boats for UK and international clients.

We produce a wide range of vessels, delivering reliable and proven performance, combined with low maintenance costs and multi-task applications.

Every ABC boat is engineered, manufactured, outfitted and tested completely in house. By maintaining 100% control of the entire process, we ensure that every boat built to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Many of the boats we manufacture require the fabrication and installation of parts and systems not listed in our standard outfitting options. These custom requirements are easily designed and specified through communication with the customer. Our ability to meet your specialized needs is only limited to the possibilities of your imagination.

We run state of the art synergic pulse MIG welding plant, plasma cutting machines and laser levelling equipment. ABC is also an outboard and inboard service and sales centre having achieved Mariner and Mercruiser  Masterzone dealer status for many years. We employ highly skilled, trained fitters and fabricators as well as an apprentice training scheme to ensure that our manufacturing meets the highest standards. In fact ABC are able to produce craft to meet the requirements any classification or code.

Come and see us at our waterside facility based in the heart of British boatbuilding country on the south coast of England, to discuss your needs. ABC Marine has been in business for a total of over 20 years and has its roots firmly in established in the Commercial Aluminium Boat Business. ABC is a well respected company within the boating industry; we have a number of international customers, as well as customers based in Britain. Since its formation, our business has grown immensely, due to the production of our own "CATFISH" range of aluminium boats, catamarans, fully planing monohulls RIB's and specialist craft for both the commercial and pleasure industry. The catamaran range of boats have been designed in conjunction with well known and respected naval architects, marine designers, surveyors, structural and production specialists. this continually evolves through our extensive research and development programme.

Why Aluminium?

In the construction of workboats and structures using high grade aluminium alloy, a material which has a wide range of advantages for commercial boat applications in a number of important areas:

No moulds are needed for ABC Marine specialises aluminium hulls giving incredible flexibility in design and allowing boats to be configured to exactly match customer requirements
The high strength to weight ratio of aluminium allows much more scope for the design to be optimised according to specific criteria

In Build
Aluminium fabrication can be controlled to give uniform high quality with fully traceable materials
Special extrusions and lightweight panels are readily available
There is no lead time involved with producing moulds
There is no requirement to paint aluminium (other than anti-fouling)

Aluminium is considerably lighter than steel or GRP allowing for a higher payload and easier handling if being lifted on or off a mother ship
Aluminium boats require less engine power and use less fuel than comparable size boats of steel

In Service
Aluminium has a high resistance to impact, deforming to absorb energy rather than fracturing like GRP
Aluminium craft are easily repaired and have low hull maintenance
Aluminium has an excellent resistance to seawater and a long life
Marine Grade 5083 (N8) alloys used to produce ABC Marine hull designs are very corrosion resistant. An oxide film forms on the surface of aluminium which is hard and reforms if broken giving excellent protection in the marine environment

After Service
Boats made of aluminium have a higher residual value than other boats<
Aluminium is almost 100% recyclable

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