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Catfish Aluminium Catamaran

Pro Charter Sports Fisher Island Sport
Pro Charter/Pro Charter Plus
Sports Fisher
Island Sport
The perfect combination of optimum deck space and superstructure, the pro charter is the epitome of todays high speed working catamarans for charter or private use.
For the ultimate in Big Game boat styling. Generous interior accommodation and a spacious flybridge, the Catfish Sports Fisher is a hard act for others to follow
Fitted with the ever popular 'lantern' style wheelhouse, the Island Sport utilises deck space to the maximum. A traditional design with modern styling combine to create a hard working boat.
Commercial 10 Pro Cat Crewcat Windfarm
Commercial 10
Pro Cat
Crewcat Windfarm Support
Designed specifically for the under 10m commercial workboat market, the Commercial 10 optimises every boundary of this code. Fitted with reasonably sized engines, only a 100VCU licence is required.
A high speed, outboard powered stable craft that can be used for crew transfer or as a ferry. teh all welded aluminium construction makes for a lightweight vessel tht can acheive soem very high speeds.
Our in house design team works extensively with the windfarm industry to privde the most up to date individually designed boats. So good are our designs, that we have the first non DMV boat working in Germany.




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