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Special Projects

Cargo Utility Pontoon Accessibility Boats
Cargo Utility Pontoon
Accessibility Boats
Solar Seacleaner 400
All aluminium construction of a safe, stable working platform with a hopper hold which is designed to transport a variety of cargos
including a single BS 6 or 8 yard steel skip.
Bespoke designed disability access boats with a wide entrance/exit ramp in the bow. Stable, with good visibility from a seated position, it can accommodate 5 wheelchair passengers plus carers or 12 seated passengers.
SeaCleaner 400: the first "zero emission" boat to clean port and swimming areas. The superstructure can be adapted for different uses at minimal extra cost.
Harbourmaster Boats SPM 919Amphibious Boats
Harbourmaster Workboat
SPM 919
Alligator Amphibious Boats
An inboard diesel powered harbour master craft that has been put to good use in Littlehampton Harbour. used fro feryy poeple and equipment about, as well as being the 'face' of Littlehampton Harbour.
24ft Sports Fisher. This was an incomplete kit that had been shipped to us by the owner for completeion and fit out. It was originally a centre console boat that was converted by the addition of an enclosed wheelhouse.
Unlike anything yuou have seen before. An aluminium boat with surprising performance, transforms into and amphibious vehicle using a retractable jock wheel at the bow and a set of tracks towards the stern.




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