Grove Sea Cleaner - 400

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With over 20 years experience in the solar electric boats for passenger transport and aware of the increasing floating waste, particularly in port or bathing areas, Grove Boats launches a cleaning boat running on electrical energy supplied by the sun, in short a "clean, cleaning boat".

While navigating in a given area, this unit collects floating waste (plastics, polystyrene, algae, wood ...) and stores it on board in a dedicated container. A mechanism for the skimming of hydrocarbons is available as an option.

The standard construction is made of aluminum and the option of environmentally friendly materials (flax hulls & sandwich cork) makes the process "clean boat" coherent as a whole.

Technical data:

Length 4
Width 2
Draft 0.4
Weight (empty) 420
Two electrical propulsion 1.6  kW
Solar panel power 600
Batteries  Lead maintenance free or Lithium 
1 full day of operation 


  • Clean, no CO2 emission
  • Economic, no fuel
  • Green image
  • Highly maneuverable and easy to handle
  • Lightweight, transportable
  • Silent (when moving and operating)
  • Technical innovation particularly suited to the desired functionality
  • Shallow draft and protected propeller
  • Easy maintenance


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