Catfish - TOAD

Toad Toad
General Specs General Description
L.O.A:  5.00 Meters 5.0 metre aluminium Cargo Utility Pontoon, providing a safe, stable working
Beam:  3.00 Meters platform with a hopper hold which is designed to transport a variety of cargos
Draft:  0.10 Meters including a single BS 6 or 8 yard steel skip.
Depth: 1.00 metre  
Max HP 150 The hull is designed to provide excellent stability and to ensure as smoother
Top Speed:  26 Knts water flow around the hull as possible. The bow/stern sections are tapered
Service Speed: 21 Knts vertically to provide excellent load carrying capability, whilst still retaining sea
Load Capacity 1000kg keeping qualities.
Class Rating Welded aluminium construction throughout for minimal maintenance,
Rating: MCA Standards maximum working life and continual operation. Marine grade 5083 (N8)
    Lloyds approved aluminium is used on all plating in the construction.
  Reinforced gunwale sections constructed from 5083 grade plate & HE30 6082
    extrusions. Flush foredeck, with 6x Heavy duty fully through-welded bollards
    which also provide un-laden lifting points. 1m High 38mm diameter tubular
    handrails provided around the perimeter of the platform designed to offer safe
    enclosed protection to crew and cargo. These rails are easily removable for
  varying configurations and duties.
Toad Toad Toad

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