Topsham Ferry

Topsham Topsham
General Specs General Description
L.O.A:  7.00 Meters 7.0 metre aluminium “Vee Bottom ‘Eco’ ” type hull to combine stability
Beam:  2.00 Meters and comfort with ease and efficiency of operation.
Draft:  0.35 Meters  
Construction:  Aluminium The hull is designed in such a way to reduce spray and wave making yet still
Power 25hp provide excellent performance with comfort of ride, the forward hull sections
Top Speed:  18 Knts afford a great amount of lift to ensure smooth water flow around the hull. Aft
Service Speed: 14 Knts the angle of dead rise is reduced, thus providing excellent load carrying capa-
Load Capacity 2000kg bility, stability, shallow draft and guarantees clean water flow to the propeller.
Class Rating Welded aluminium construction throughout for minimal maintenance,
Rating: MCA Standards maximum working life and continual operation. Marine grade 5083 (N8)
    Lloyds approved aluminium is used on all plating in the construction.
  Aluminium tubular aft gantry, for the mounting of navigation lights etc
    Aluminium tubular forward bicycle rack, mounted on specially fabricated bow
    section, to accommodate 6 Bicycles.
    Alloy mooring bollards in forward and aft quarters of boat, constructed from
    heavy duty alloy tube fully welded into hull for optimum strength.
  protection to passengers, crew and cargo.
  Fitted with polyfoam closed cell buoyancy, below the cockpit sole.
Topsham Topsham Topsham

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